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Site Information is solely a fansite dedicated to the band many of us have come to love, Taking Back Sunday. We are in no way affiliated with them.

Run by: Nick
Online since: Nov. 2005

Tour Dates

04.11 Cologne
04.12 Munich
04.14 Vienna
04.15 Bologna
04.16 Zurich
04.17 Belgium


"New Again" due out June 2nd

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Name: Matthew Anthony Rubano
Position: Bassist/ back up Vocals
Age: 31
Birthday: March 10, 1977
Birthplace: Baldwin, New York

Random Facts:
- Starting to do back up vocals from 05-05-08 onwards
- Was in the band Schleigho
- Played bass in the musical "Bat Boy."
- Is often seen as a Seth Green lookalike.
- Lifelong friend of Mark O'Connell.
- Went to Berklee College of Music.
- Played bass in the band Like Yesterday.
- Still occastionally plays bass for Like Yesterday.
- Played bass on Joe Deninzon's The Adventures Of Stratospheerius.
- Played bass on Lauren Hill's Grammy winning album called The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
- Was named after his great grandfather, Major.
- Worked at an ice cream shop.
- Loves the movie Anchorman.
- Became a victim of Adam's mic swinging on 04/30/06 at Give It A Name. Got stitches in forehead.
- Old jobs - ice cream scooper, washing dishes and cleaning squid at a restaurant.
- Often gets teased for his height (about 5'6) and called 'the tallest member of tbs'.
- Kisses the outside of a plane before he gets on it everytime.

Image by Ryan Russell