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Site Information is solely a fansite dedicated to the band many of us have come to love, Taking Back Sunday. We are in no way affiliated with them.

Run by: Nick
Online since: Nov. 2005

Tour Dates

04.11 Cologne
04.12 Munich
04.14 Vienna
04.15 Bologna
04.16 Zurich
04.17 Belgium


"New Again" due out June 2nd

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Name: Frederick Paul Mascherino
Position: Ex-Back-up vocalist/guitarist
Current band: The Color Fred
Age: 32
Birthday: July 27, 1975
Birthplace: Philadelphia
Currently resides in New Jersey

Random Facts:
- Blog posted on 10-04-07 announces his departure from TBS.
- Side project called The Color Fred that is now his full time priority.
- Used to be in a band called Breaking Pangea who toured with TBS before they changed members.
- Has a wife named Elena.
- Has a daugher named Lillianna, and a guitar named Lilly.
- Has a son named Scout, and guitar named Scout.
- Has a daughter named Evie Jane born 05-23-07.
- Influences are from Jawbreaker to Dagnasty to Dinosaur Junior to Jeff Buckley to Van Halen.
- Two favorite records are Jawbreakers "24 hour revenge therapy" and Sunny Day Real Estates "Pink Album."
- One of favourite books is The Stranger by Albert Camus.
- He's a vegetarian
- He's a vegan
- Loves Van Halen and Led Zeppelin and The Police.
- Played in the band Brody while in college.
- Earned a Jazz Degree from Temple University.
- Used to teach guitar lessons.
- He is the Devil on the inside cover of WYWTB.
- Moved from PA to NJ to be closer to the band.
- Has Van Halen boxers.
- If he were to get a tattoo it would be 'VH'
- Old job - used to carry equipment for other bands, he worked at venues.
- Has his own pair of environment friendly Macbeth shoes with TCF lyrcs on them
- Supports Global Warming.
- Owns a car that runs on vegetable oil for gas.
- Once did soundcheck with Mark and Travis of Blink-182 on Toms guitar since Tom was sick and didn't come to soundcheck. Fred knew Blink songs cause he used to teach them to kids.

Image by Ryan Russell