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Site Information is solely a fansite dedicated to the band many of us have come to love, Taking Back Sunday. We are in no way affiliated with them.

Run by: Nick
Online since: Nov. 2005

Tour Dates

04.11 Cologne
04.12 Munich
04.14 Vienna
04.15 Bologna
04.16 Zurich
04.17 Belgium


"New Again" due out June 2nd

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Name: Edward Reyes
Position: Guitarist
Age: 36
Birthday: November 19, 1972
Birthplace: Amityville, New York
Currently resides in Ohio
Status: Married to Nikki with 2 kids (Mazarine Moon & Jonas Galaxy) since 2004

Random Facts:
- Nicknamed "Meat" while recording Tell All Your Friends.
- Oldest member of the band and the only original member.
- Before TBS he was the founder of Movielife and parts of the bands Mind Over Matter, Clockwise and The Inside.
- Worked as a deli boy.
- As a kid he wanted to be an architect.
- Has a dog named Murphy and a cat named Morgan and a fish named Baxter.
- Fear of flying.
- Married his wife, Nikki in Sept 04.
- Baby girl, Mazarine Moon born on Feb 19th 06.
- Baby boy, Jonas Galaxy born Aug 18th 07.
- Married in Sandusky, Ohio.
- His favorite channel is the Food Network.
- He is the baby on the WYWTB cover.
- Inspiration for "You Know How I Do" guitar riff came from the thought of his friend running goofy.
- Now lives in Ohio with his wife and daughter.
- Likes to hang out with his dog and go fishing.
- Likes to play with racetrucks.
- Loves Sunny Day Real Estate, Fugazi and At The Drive-In.
- Used a lot of his old riffs from his old bands that nobody liked for many songs on WYWTB.
- Wears a The Getaway tshirt in the Timberwolves video, that name soon changed to Matchbook Romance who Eddie has been friends with for a long time.
- Likes to keep the air conditioner on the bus low.

Image by Ryan Russell