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Site Information is solely a fansite dedicated to the band many of us have come to love, Taking Back Sunday. We are in no way affiliated with them.

Run by: Nick
Online since: Nov. 2005

Tour Dates

04.11 Cologne
04.12 Munich
04.14 Vienna
04.15 Bologna
04.16 Zurich
04.17 Belgium


"New Again" due out June 2nd

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About the band. . . .

- The name Taking Back Sunday came from a song by The Waiting Process, a band from Long Island.
- First song written by the old lineup was Great Romances of the 20th Century.
- First song written by the new lineup was Bonus Mosh Pt.II
- Second song written by the new lineup was A Decade Under The Influence.
- Tell All Your Friends back album cover was taken by Adam on his trusty joycam.
- Where You Want To Be cover displays Eddie as a baby.
- Louder Now cover was based on photograph called'New York City, 1963' by a New York photographer named Joel Meyerowitz.
- Exit 152 is a place where Adam and his friends would meet up in North Carolina, its included in all 3 albums.
- Nicknames during the recording of TAYF. Ed was "Meat", John was "Tweakle, Adam was "Freakle", Mark was "Nerves", and Shaun was "Navy."
- They played 3 shows under the secret name of Booze & Adventure to try out the new members of the band with the fans.
- Played a secret show under the name "Lance Striker & the Rockaholics" on May 5th 2008 to debut new guitarist Matt Fazzi.
- The Ballad of Sal Villanueva was recorded right after TAYF and they named it after their producer as a little shout out.
- Neil Reubenstein does some vocals/screams on the songs There's No I In Team, Timberwolves At New Jersey, and Head Club.
- Nick Torres from Northstar/Cassino and Neil Rubenstein from These Enzymes lended their vocals and small tidbits of their lyrical genuis to WYWTB.
- During their first appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly in which they played You're So Last Summer, they also played Cute Without The 'E'
- A title thrown around for their 2nd album was 'Make It Your Business'.
- Fred never really tried out for the band, Eddie basically told him he was already in.
- Appeared on a Degrassi episode called Whats It Feel Like To Be A Ghost and also a Degrassi mini webisode.
- Have appeared on the soundtracks of Spiderman 2 (This Photograph Is Proof), Elektra (Your Own Disaster), Fantastic Four (Error Operator), and Transformers ( Whats It Feel Like To Be A Ghost).
- The 'Bree Ann' in 'I Am Fred Astaire' & 'I'll Let You Live (demo)' is just a close friend of the band and they included her name in it as a shout out.

About the music videos. . . .

- The video for Cute Without The 'E' was based on the movie Fight Club, a poster can also be seen in Great Romances video.
- Original concept for Cute was for the girls to beat up members of the band.
- Timberwolves At New Jersey is not an officially released music video.
- Flavor Flav appears in You're So Last Summer video singing John's vocals since Fred was still new in the band. It was aslo Mark's idea to have a rapper in the video.
- You're So Last Summer was shot at Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn.
- The video for A Decade Under The Influence was filmed in a shipyard in Brooklyn.
- The Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know) video was directed by Tom Delonge of Blink 182/Angels and Airwaves.
- The video for Set Phasers To Stun was sent to the band done, they loved it and released it and made a Making The Video for it.
- The room used for the MakeDamnSure video was actually a refrigerator.
- Twenty-Twenty Surgery is based off of the movie Walk the Line and was released as a single in the UK only. Shot in an abandonded LA jail.

About the songs. . . .

- Song titles from Tell All Your Friends & Where You Want To Be are mainly from inside jokes or t.v. titles.
- The sound clip on the demo version of "Great Romances" was a clip from the movie Beautiful Girls. (wasn't on the album because they couldn't get the rights.)
- The lyric from Ghost Man On Third, "It's a campaign of distraction and revisionist history" can be found in the book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.
- Antonio Longo sings on the early demos.
- Stevie D. did the drumming on the songs "Go On" and "Summer Stars".
- Jesse Lacey does back-up vocals on the demos "Go On" and "Summer Stars".
- Chorus from My Blue Heaven is originally from Breaking Pangaeas' Wedding Dress.
- The words 'Taking Back Sunday' appear in the song 'Sick' by Breaking Pangaea.
- Vocals for Divine Intervention were recorded on the studio's roof.
- Michelle Nolan does the back-up vocals for Bike Scene and Ghost Man On Third.
- Fred's wife Elena sings on 'I'll Let You Live'.
- The line 'If You See Something, Say Something' from the song Brooklyn is the NYC metro transit authority slogan.
- My Blue Heaven has no relation to the movie, its just a coincidence.
- The line 'I got it bad' from A Decade Under The Influence is said to be a homage to Van Halens 'Hot For Teacher' (got it bad, got it bad, im hot for teacher) since Fred loves them.
- Adam once called Set Phasers To Stun 'You're Nothing But A Goddamn Haircut' but Eddie said another name for Bonus Mosh could of been 'Youíre Just Another Stupid Haircut'.
- The lines 'best bet let alone your worst ex' and 'dont call my name out your winder, im leaving' come curtesy of Neil Reubenstein.
- -The lyrics 'Is this what you call tact? You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back. So let's end this call, and end this conversation' can also be heard in the Brand New song "Seventy Times Seven".
- Jokingly called 'What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost' 'They're Probably In There Teaching Bees Algebra so They Can Kill Us' during the JEW tour when debuting songs like that and Error Operator.

About song titles & meanings. . . .

- Bike Scene originally called 'Monetary Peninsula Bike Scene'.
- Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) is said to be a line a friend was saying one night.
- Great Romances of the 20th Century is a title of a tv show were they showed famous couples of the 20th century.
- Ghost Man On Third refers to a baseball game of leaving a ghost man on base when the person occupying that base needs to go back and bat.
- Theres No 'I' In Team is a response to Brand New's song "Seventy Times 7" (google for the speculated story behind it)
- Timberwolves at New Jersey refers to a basketball game Minnesota Timberwolves at New Jersey Nets.
- The Blue Channel refers to when the tv turns blue because they have no programs scheduled.
- You Know How I Do is a line repeated in the movie Made.
- 180 By Summer was about a bet were Eddie was supposed to weigh 180 lbs by summer, but he lost.
- Bonus Mosh Pt. II came from a friend "Whoa, thatís a bonus mosh part two, man, thatís cool. Itís like a second mosh part in the song" while listening to a demo version.
- I Am Fred Astaire refers to how Adam is the king of dancing around subjects.
- Number Five With A Bullet is a line from the movie High Fidelity.
- Set Phasers To Stun, Adam said "We wanna harm them but we don't wanna kill them"
- Error Operator was specifically written for the character of Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four.
- The Ballad of Sal Villanueva is named after the producer of Tell All Your Friends.
- Follow The Format is about a quote where John basically said all the songs had the same song structure and he wanted to do something different, so this is like a little stab at that or so fans like to believe.