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About the band. . . .
- The name Taking Back Sunday came from a song by The Waiting Process, a band from Long Island.
- First song written by the old lineup was Great Romances of the 20th Century
- First song written by the new lineup was Bonus Mosh Pt.II
- Second song written by the new lineup was A Decade Under The Influence
- Tell All Your Friends back album cover was taken by Adam on his trusty joycam.
- Where You Want To Be cover displays Eddie as a baby.
- Louder Now cover was based on photograph called'New York City, 1963' by a New York photographer named Joel Meyerowitz
- Exit 152 is a place where Adam and his friends would meet up in North Carolina, its included in all 3 albums
- Nicknames during the recording of TAYF. Ed was "Meat", John was "Tweakle, Adam was "Freakle", Mark was "Nerves", and Shaun was "Navy"
- They played 3 shows under the secret name of Booze & Adventure to try out the new members of the band with the fans
- The Ballad of Sal Villanueva was recorded right after TAYF and they named it after their producer as a little shout out
- Neil Reubenstein does some vocals/screams on the songs There's No I In Team, Timberwolves At New Jersey, and Head Club.
- Nick Torres from Northstar/Cassino and Neil Rubenstein from These Enzymes lended their vocals and small tidbits of their lyrical genuis to WYWTB
- During their first appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly in which they played You're So Last Summer, they also played Cute Without The 'E'
- The back of the TAYF cover was taken by Adam with his trusty joycam
- A title thrown around for their 2nd album was 'Make It Your Business'
- Fred never really tried out for the band, Eddie basically told him he was already in
- Appeared on a Degrassi episode called Whats It Feel Like To Be A Ghost and also a Degrassi mini webisode
- Have appeared on the soundtracks of Spiderman 2 (This Photograph Is Proof), Elektra (Your Own Disaster), Fantastic Four (Error Operator), and Transformers ( Whats It Feel Like To Be A Ghost)
- The 'Bree Ann' in 'I Am Fred Astaire' & 'I'll Let You Live (demo)' is just a close friend of the band and they included her name in it as a shout out

About the music videos. . . .
- The video for Cute Without The 'E' was based on the movie Fight Club, a poster can also be seen in Great Romances video
- Original concept for Cute was for the girls to beat up members of the band
- Timberwolves At New Jersey is not an officially released music video
- Flavor Flav appears in You're So Last Summer video singing John's vocals since Fred was still new in the band. It was aslo Mark's idea to have a rapper in the video
- You're So Last Summer was shot at Fulton Ferry State Park in Brooklyn
- The video for A Decade Under The Influence was filmed in a shipyard in Brooklyn
- The Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know) video was directed by Tom Delonge of Blink 182/Angels and Airwaves
- The video for Set Phasers To Stun was sent to the band done, they loved it and released it and made a Making The Video for it
- The room used for the MakeDamnSure video was actually a refrigerator
- Twenty-Twenty Surgery is based off of the movie Walk the Line and was released as a single in the UK only. Shot in an abandonded LA jail

About the songs. . . .
- Song titles from Tell All Your Friends & Where You Want To Be are mainly from inside jokes or t.v. titles
- The sound clip on the demo version of "Great Romances" was a clip from the movie Beautiful Girls. (wasn't on the album because they couldn't get the rights)
- The lyric from Ghost Man On Third, "It's a campaign of distraction and revisionist history" can be found in the book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
- Antonio Longo sings on the early demos
- Stevie D. did the drumming on the songs "Go On" and "Summer Stars"
- Jesse Lacey does back-up vocals on the demos "Go On" and "Summer Stars".
- Chorus from My Blue Heaven is originally from Breaking Pangaeas' Wedding Dress
- The words 'Taking Back Sunday' appear in the song 'Sick' by Breaking Pangaea
- Vocals for Divine Intervention were recorded on the studio's roof
- Michelle Nolan does the back-up vocals for Bike Scene and Ghost Man On Third.
- Fred's wife Elena sings on 'I'll Let You Live'
- The line 'If You See Something, Say Something' from the song Brooklyn is the NYC metro transit authority slogan
- My Blue Heaven has no relation to the movie, its just a coincidence
- The line 'I got it bad' from A Decade Under The Influence is said to be a homage to Van Halens 'Hot For Teacher' (got it bad, got it bad, im hot for teacher) since Fred loves them
- Adam once called Set Phasers To Stun 'You're Nothing But A Goddamn Haircut' but Eddie said another name for Bonus Mosh could of been 'You’re Just Another Stupid Haircut'
- The lines 'best bet let alone your worst ex' and 'dont call my name out your winder, im leaving' come curtesy of Neil Reubenstein
- -The lyrics 'Is this what you call tact? You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back. So let's end this call, and end this conversation' can also be heard in the Brand New song "Seventy Times Seven"
- Jokingly called 'What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost' 'They're Probably In There Teaching Bees Algebra so They Can Kill Us' during the JEW tour when debuting songs like that and Error Operator

About song titles & meanings. . . .
- Bike Scene originally called 'Monetary Peninsula Bike Scene'
- Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) is said to be a line a friend was saying one night
- Great Romances of the 20th Century is a title of a tv show were they showed famous couples of the 20th century
- Ghost Man On Third refers to a baseball game of leaving a ghost man on base when the person occupying that base needs to go back and bat
- Theres No 'I' In Team is a response to Brand New's song "Seventy Times 7 (google for the speculated story behind it)
- Timberwolves at New Jersey refers to a basketball game Minnesota Timberwolves at New Jersey Nets
- The Blue Channel refers to when the tv turns blue because they have no programs scheduled
- You Know How I Do is a line repeated in the movie Made
- 180 By Summer was about a bet were Eddie was supposed to weigh 180 lbs by summer, but he lost
- Bonus Mosh Pt. II came from a friend "Whoa, that’s a bonus mosh part two, man, that’s cool. It’s like a second mosh part in the song" while listening to a demo version
- I Am Fred Astaire refers to how Adam is the king of dancing around subjects
- Number Five With A Bullet is a line from the movie High Fidelity
- Set Phasers To Stun, Adam said "we wanna harm them but we don't wanna kill them"
- Error Operator was specifically written for the character of Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four
- The Ballad of Sal Villanueva is named after the producer of Tell All Your Friends
- Follow The Format is about a quote where John basically said all the songs had the same song structure and he wanted to do something different, so this is like a little stab at that or so fans like to believe

Name: Adam Burbank Lazzara
Position: Lead Vocals
Age: 26
Birthday: September 22, 1981
Birthplace: Shefeild, Alabama
Hometown: High Point, North Carolina
Currently resides in Texas
Favorite song off Tell All Your Friends: Ghost Man On Third

Random Facts:
- Proposed to girlfriend Chauntelle Dupree of Eisley on Valentines Day `07, set to marry in March `08
- Engagement to Chauntelle called off. Announced on Boyd's journal on Jan 19 2008
- Joined originally to play bass
- Met Eddie at a show, and that is said to be why he moved to New York
- When first moved to NY, he roomed with John Nolan
- Tattoo on elbow reads, "Next time that star shoots across the sky..." It's the song, "Knives bats new tats" by Lifetime."
- Some bands he loves are Lifetime, Nirvana, Coldplay, Lucero - Has lyrics from the song "Push, push" by Recover tattoed on his leg.
- Dated ex-member, John Nolan's sister, Michelle Nolan who sang on two tracks of TAYF.
- Adam is described as having a homosexual obsession with everything Brad Pitt does.
- Is known for swinging mics, and apparantly started during a show because the mic wasn't working.
- Once got chased through disneyland by security while he was drunkenly riding a bike.
- Was a groomsmen in Eddie's wedding.
- Used to work as a delivery boy at the same place Eddie worked
- He's allergic to cats.
- Dislocated his hip because of an 'accident'
- In former bands called 'Dumbfounded' & '9 Lives Left'
- First show with Adam playing bass in the band was at the Funky Fish
- Likes Degrassi
- "I got my first tattoo in Georgia. Right between my shoulder blades"
- "Dallas, TX is where I received the tattoo on the back of my right arm"
- Taught himself how to play the harmonica
- Dyed his hair a red/pink but was ment to be purple in Jan 05. Shaved it in Feb 05. Dyed hair blonde in Jul 06
- Stutters in some songs as a way to make fun of himself.
- Has porcelain veneers
- Moved from Brooklyn to Texas

Name: Edward Reyes
Position: Guitarist
Age: 35
Birthday: November 19, 1972
Birthplace: Amityville, New York
Currently resides in Ohio
Favorite song off Tell All Your Friends: Great Romances Of The 20th Century

Random Facts:
- Nicknamed "Meat" while recording Tell All Your Friends.
- Oldest member of the band and the only original member
- Before TBS he was the founder of Movielife and parts of the bands Mind Over Matter, Clockwise and The Inside.
- Worked as a deli boy.
- As a kid he wanted to be an architect.
- Has a dog named Murphy and a cat named Morgan and a fish named Baxter.
- Fear of flying.
- Married his wife, Nikki in Sept 04
- Baby girl, Mazarine Moon born on Feb 19th 06
- Baby boy, Jonas Galaxy born Aug 18th 07
> - Married in Sandusky, Ohio
- His favorite channel is the Food Network.
- He is the baby on the WYWTB cover.
- Inspiration for "You Know How I Do" guitar riff came from the thought of his friend running goofy.
- Now lives in Ohio with is wife and daughter
- Likes to hang out with his dog and go fishing.
- Likes to play with racetrucks
- Loves Sunny Day Real Estate, Fugazi and At The Drive-In
- Used a lot of his old riffs from his old bands that nobody liked for many songs on WYWTB
- Wears a The Getaway tshirt in the Timberwolves video, that name soon changed to Matchbook Romance who Eddie has been friends with for a long time
- Likes to keep the air conditioner on the bus low

Name: Matthew Anthony Rubano
Position: Bassist
Age: 31
Birthday: March 10, 1977
Birthplace: Baldwin, New York

Random Facts:
- Was in the band Schleigho
- Played bass in the musical "Bat Boy."
- Is often seen as a Seth Green lookalike.
- Lifelong friend of Mark O'Connell.
- Went to Berklee College of Music.
- Played bass in the band Like Yesterday
- Still occastionally plays bass for Like Yesterday.
- Played bass on Joe Deninzon's The Adventures Of Stratospheerius.
- Played bass on Lauren Hill's Grammy winning album called The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
- Was named after his great grandfather, Major.
- Worked at an ice cream shop
- Loves the movie Anchorman.
- Became a victim of Adam's mic swinging on 04/30/06 at Give It A Name. Got stitches in forehead.
- Old jobs - ice cream scooper, washing dishes and cleaning squid at a restaurant
- Often gets teased for his height (about 5'6) and called 'the tallest member of tbs'
- Kisses the outside of a plane before he gets on it everytime

Name: Mark Francis O'Connell
Position: Drummer
Age: 25
Birthday: May 6, 1981
Favorite song off Tell All Your Friends: Timberwolves At New Jersey

Random Facts:
- Attended Nassau Community College.
- Worked as a car valet, parking cars.
- Known Matt the longest out of all of TBS.
- Described himself in four words as, "jock, baseball, weed, music."
- Two favorite things to do are drum and play golf.
- Influences include Rancid, Operation Ivy, and Screeching Weasel
- He has a female Pitbull that appears in You're So Last Summer.
- Grew up with ex-member Shaun Cooper.
- Nicknamed "Nerves" while recording Tell All Your Friends.
- Did drums on Straylight Run's demo songs. (didn't get credit though)
- He was in a band called Burnt Toast at the age of 8.
- Used to deliver pizza
- Got started on drums by getting an old snare drum from his Aunt
- Has an older brother named David


Former Members

Name: Frederick Paul Mascherino
Position: Ex-Back-up vocalist/guitarist
Current band: The Color Fred
Age: 32
Birthday: July 27, 1975
Birthplace: Philadelphia
Currently resides in New Jersey

Random Facts:
- Blog posted on 10-04-06 announces his departure from TBS
- Side project called The Color Fred that is now his full time priority
- Used to be in a band called Breaking Pangea who toured with TBS before they changed members.
- Has a wife named Elena
- Has a daugher named Lillianna, and a guitar named Lilly.
- Has a son named Scout, and guitar named Scout.
- Has a daughter named Evie Jane born 05-23-07
- Influences are from Jawbreaker to Dagnasty to Dinosaur Junior to Jeff Buckley to Van Halen
- Two favorite records are Jawbreakers "24 hour revenge therapy" and Sunny Day Real Estates "Pink Album."
- One of favourite books is The Stranger by Albert Camus.
- He's a vegetarian.
- Loves Van Halen and Led Zeppelin and The Police
- Played in the band Brody while in college.
- Earned a Jazz Degree from Temple University.
- Used to teach guitar lessons.
- He is the Devil on the inside cover of WYWTB.
- Moved from PA to NJ to be closer to the band.
- Has Van Halen boxers
- If he were to get a tattoo it would be 'VH'
- Old job - used to carry equipment for other bands, he worked at venues.
- Has his own pair of environment friendly Macbeth shoes with TCF lyrcs on them
- Supports Global Warming
- Owns a car that runs on vegetable oil for gas
- Once did soundcheck with Mark and Travis of Blink-182 on Toms guitar since Tom was sick and didn't come to soundcheck. Fred knew Blink songs cause he used to teach them to kids

Name: John Thomas Nolan
Position: Ex-Back-up vocalist/guitarist
Current band: Straylight Run
Age: 29
Birthday: February 24, 1978

Random Facts:
- In the band Straylight Run as the vocalist, guitarist and pianist.
- Sister is fellow Straylight Run member Michelle Nolan.
- Nicknamed 'Tweakle' during the recording of TAYF.
- Is afraid of sharks
- Is very self conscious about his grammar
- Can do an amazing donald duck impersonation
- Didn't like the name 'Costello' it was re-recorded & re-named 'It Never Gets Easier'
- Said the intro to The Blue Channel was sped up too fast and is impossible for him to play it
- Best friends with Jesse Lacey
- Loves the Smiths
- Married to photographer Camille

Name: Shaun Cooper
Position: Ex-Bassist
Current band: Straylight Run
Age: 27
Born: November 12, 1980

Random Facts:
- In the Band Straylight Run as the bassist.
- Nicknamed 'Navy' during the recording of TAYF.
- Likes vegan cookies
- Once spent 300 dollars at a strip club in Boise, Idaho
- Is obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution
- Used to be a librarian (when he was in third grade)
- Started playing bass at age 12
- Loves wrestling.

Other Former Members (pre-Tell All Your Friends)
Antonio Longo - ex singer
Jesse Lacey - ex bassist

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