Transformers Contest

Test your TBS Trivia and win a prize. The first person to answer ANY 4 of the 7 questions will win a Transformers 2 soundtrack and movie poster!
e-mail: tbsunion [at] gmail [dot] com with ‘transformers contest’ in the subject and your 4 answers.

1) Eddie has a tattoo on his forearm of what band?
2) Who was Adam trying to immitate when dying his hair purple/red?
3) Macbeth made a shoe which included what TBS lyric? (hint: from TAYF)
4) Who is Zav?
5) What was the original use of the room MakeDamnSure was shot in?
6) Who came up with the main riff for 180 By Summer?
7) What was the name Matt Rubano dubbed for the summer 07 tour with Angels & Airwaves?

Free is free, so you might as well give it a try..

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