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Site Information is solely a fansite dedicated to the band many of us have come to love, Taking Back Sunday. We are in no way affiliated with them.

Run by: Nick
Online since: Nov. 2005

Tour Dates

08.10.08 - Baltimore, MD
08.21.08 - London, UK
08.22.08 - Reading, UK
08.23.08 - Leeds, UK

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Official Site
Official Myspace
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Recent News

Not much going on in TBS world beside recording possibly with David Kahne?

Visit the official site for stickers for ipods, laptops, phones, ect. and go to warped for a free TBS sticker and a photo with digital adam

Starting monday and up until friday probably, I will be putting up a new video to the left that you most likely haven't seen on the interwebs. One a day only for a day and finish it off with a medley of Cute vids I made.
As for now the Fuse episode of Eddies birthday is up, full of laughs and i uploaded a whole bunch of photos from that day in the Gallery (some in bigger size quality than others, click to enlarge)
Posted on 28 Jun 2008 by nick
the internetz is srs business
I was asked nicely to 'clear' the comments here and on the message board regarding to the post about Adam and I will oblige and respect their wishes.
This whole situation got out of control incredibly fast. A lot of hasty words were shared by many, only the people personally involved know the truth. So please no more negative opinions/comments on this topic, just send positive energy like 'congrats'

and just for anyone late or confused by all this, recap:
Adam married a lady named Mischa on June 6 in texas and are expecting a child.

so congratulations to them.
Posted on 08 Jun 2008 by nick
The terror held in wedding bells...
Also there might be a new addition to this site in the comming days.
EDIT: Okay I decided to add a video player to the site that will always have the latest TBS video on it. I propably wont be using my youtube account anymore and just up the videos on here, im dubbing it 'TBSU-tube' ;)
This vid will stay up for a week then ill change it to something else that isnt on the medialist and then ill take requests untill a new peice of media comes around. Hope you enjoy it. (click it once, let it load)
Posted on 06 Jun 2008 by nick
Check out the new myspace and official site layouts
More TBS & Denny's photos & some exclusive's thanks to Sam and up in the GALLERY
Makes sure you click to enlarge them all. (they're 1459x1094)

Watch Eddie's love story about his wife and Denny's HERE

According to Fazzi "we are at 16 sizzlin' gems and I think we got a few more left in the bank"

If you havnt seen TBS on SURS yet, I uploaded it on youtube so go watch it as its Fazzi's first SURS appearance. HERE
Posted on 02 Jun 2008 by nick
Welcome to Version3
Yes, the layout has finally changed. Im sure you've all been waiting for it. Credit and a huge thanks goes to Amy. If you find any errors and what not please inform us. Hope you enjoy it.

TBS will be on Fuse's SURS Wed the 21st at 4pm.

You can read more about Fazzi joining HERE and view the first group promo shot HERE

Watch TBS cooking for Denny's HERE
Posted on 20 May 2008 by nick
tbs currently in studio in nyc
Today Matt Fazzi turns 23. Happy Birthday to him. I added a small bio for him.

2 new articles from Newsday. HERE

Join the message board to view pics/vids and help decipher the lyrics to the new song 'Quite Enough'

Upcomming shows...
June 1 - Monterey Music Summit, Monterey, CA
Aug 10 - Virgin Mobile Festival Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 21 - London Astoria London
Aug 22 - Reading Festival
Aug 23 - Leeds Festival
Posted on 12 May 2008 by nick
the 5th member is...
The newest member of Taking Back Sunday is.... Matthew Fazzi. Formely of Facing New York.

Kayla (fourisdecent) from the message board was the first person to interview him, it will be on TBS myspace tomorrow.
EDIT: watch the video HERE. (GJ Kayla)

Tomorrow is Mark's birthday, he will be 27. Happy early b-day to him!

Upcomming Shows....

May 7 - TBS & MCR on FUSE SURS
May 9 - Madison Square Garden New York, New York
Aug 10 - Virgin Mobile Festival Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 21 - London Astoria London
Aug 22 - Reading Festival
Aug 23 - Leeds Festival
Posted on 05 May 2008 by nick
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