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Read a Newsday article Matt.As for the message board, if you didnt post about 10 times or so then you were deleted. Im going to repost what Patrick said cause it about sums it up.”alot of people have just been sitting on their accounts and not participating in the boards except maybe to ask for stuff re-upped there were 900 users and less than 200 who had more than 10 posts… i mean we’re not trying to be elitists, but when you have that many people who don’t even participate, it makes it really hard to run the boards but hey join again guys, and start talking there’s LOADS of cool people in there it’s not just all about the downloads either check around look at the news, open an off topic page, it’s a real cool place”So if you love tbs and want to meet fans in this amazing community then join up introduce yourself, say thanks for what ever links you dl and make your way into other threads cause you’ll just end up getting deleted again.

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